Friday, June 27, 2014

Guitars in Texas

This Fourth of July there will be a rally in Texas that's a bit different from the usual holiday rally.
 There will be an open carry guitar rally held as a bit of fun and frolic from folks who remember not to take themselves too seriously. They will be armed with Telecasters, Les Pauls, PRS, but advise against Deans as they could put an eye out with one of those. All instruments are welcome. Even accordions.Dean Guitars

So let's have a little fun for the holiday since many will have a three day weekend in which to celebrate our Glorious Revolution against those uppity British lords and ladies. It's amazing we get along so well now, since most of the colonists were British citizens and therefore traitors to the crown. 

In honor of our well regulated militia I give you this gem from Youtube.

Let the good times roll!


  1. Ahem...NO sarcastic comments about accordions, please!

    That YouTube clip...PRICELESS.

  2. Pretty funny. 'Open carry' musical instruments. I should drag out my old Texas Instruments calculator in it's belt holster. I could start a movement....
    Here's to the militia, may they be well-regulated indeed. Starting with some gun regulation laws.

  3. Jono--Thanks for the chuckles this morning...

  4. That Open Carry for guitars is awesome. We lived in Dallas for 17 years. I know those gun nuts. sigh.

  5. This was my laugh of the day. I had several of them.

  6. Thanks. I needed that.