Monday, February 3, 2014

Ending the Blahs

It is cold and winter drags on. I find it uninspiring, BUT, besides reading a bunch of Nordic crime mysteries, I know I can take solace in the wisdom of the internet. I try to save the ones that seem meaningful at the time.

It seems there are many fun things out there.


Some days a patient reminds me of the (dwindling) reasons why I still love this job.

Dr. Grumpy: "Have you had any neck pain?"

Mr. Awesome: "I have no idea."

Dr. Grumpy: "You don't know if you have neck pain?"

Mr. Awesome: "Look, doc, I'm 89. If you pay attention to every ache and pain at my age you become a fucking hypochondriac."

 That last one was from Dr. Grumpy, The famous neurologist and blogger of the medical world.

Other bloggers seem to come up with good consistent subjects or themes to write about and some of us hit periods of temporary creative brain death. I enjoy doing this and feel somewhat compelled, but still run into blocks. A good chuckle helps everything go by just a little easier. Maybe it will even turn on the lightbulb in my head. If you look closely you may see it through the glazed over look in my eyes!


  1. Yes, that Abe Lincoln guy really knows what he is talking about. These are funny. I need to find Dr. Grumpy.

  2. It's the cold. Freezes the creativity every now and then. :-)

    Do you have access to a sauna?!


  3. I believe made a similar statement about reality TV.

  4. I like the internet. It provides knowledge and instant entertainment when everything else fails.

    LOVED the "Really Bad Analogies Written by High School Students."

  5. A threesome of golfers? That must be the most boring porn in the world. : )

    And I must say, those high school students are quite brilliant in my book. I'm going to have to remember a few of those.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  6. These are all good, but being a cat lover I have a soft spot for the cat cartoon :)

    I agree with Pixel Peeper - the internet enriches my life in a huge way. I can remember wanting to know something and not being able to find out in a dictionary, an encyclopedia, or even in the library. Now there's nearly everything right at your fingertips.

    (And if you just want cat cartoons, there's a never-ending supply of those, too. Have you seen the Simon's Cat animated cartoons on Youtube? Pretty funny and capture cats' traits to a tee. Go on, google it. You know you wanna :))

  7. You're making me laugh out loud on the train home from Montreal!!!! :)

  8. My new son-in-law is a PhD mathematician. I have begun to appreciate math humor...he assures me that is not an oxymoron....and I love the Pi cartoon. I will pass it on to him.
    Gotta get some warmth, and some green on the outdoor palette. Hoping it won't be even harder to deal with this cold white landscape when I return.

  9. RJ,if it's on the internet it must be true. If I ever needed a neurologist I would see Dr. Grumpy.

    Pearl, my creativity went the same way as my prostate! :)

    Donna, You mean it isn't reality?? OMG!

    PP, The internet has fast info, but it's like fast food. Sometimes it's too much, like, whatever.

    Agi T,I want to see where the students are in twenty years. Yes, I would like to live that long.

    Thanks Jenny, with the dozen cats we have here (we are a RESCUE not HOARDERS, really) life is a constant cartoon.

    Knatolee, are the other people looking at you funny?

    Always, there is humor for (and at)everyone on the net. The days are getting longer by minutes every day. I know you can do it!

  10. Humor is a good antidote to winter blahs. Hang in there. Spring will arrive soon -- but not soon enough in my opinion