Sunday, August 4, 2013


As I drift back into my mundane world of getting by on a day to day basis, I have to take stock of my surroundings and see where to start. The cooler days remind me that autumn is in the air and that I need to think about getting ready for winter. But it’s only early August! It takes me a while to wrap both of my brain cells around the fact that winter is coming and, as I am the King of Denial, I need to start early. No more gallivanting around Europe, no more schmoozing with my wonderful cousins, no more sitting on the deck with a guitar and a beer (well maybe just a little). Nope, it’s time to get back to work and quit being a man of leisure. If it weren’t for my pesky day job I might have enough time. The barn aisle is a bit scary and needs to be cleaned up, things put away and some kind of organization needs to take place.

Weeds need to be whacked as the plant growth slows down. Pastures need to be mowed and all sorts of other work needs to be done, but I find myself unmotivated. I'd rather take pictures of things around the farm. Like this grate. It's a great grate.
My thoughts drift like a message bottle upon the sea. Maybe someone will find it on a distant shore and read it because I'll be damned if I know what it says. Maybe it's good to write these thoughts so they don't die of loneliness in the cavernous space between my ears. The cool thing about that space is that it sometimes sounds like a reverb chamber.

See what happens if I don't focus? Speaking of focus we have an interesting arrangement in a pot on the deck.
 Then nearly forgotten lyrics pop into my head.

Golden rose, the color of the dream I had
Not too long ago
misty blue and the lilac too
never to grow old.

It's Rodgers and Hart, but I remember the Hendrix version. I am distracted and called to another dream world.

It's time for that beer and guitar. Gotta go now.


  1. Getting ready for winter? I don't have to worry about that yet; January 4 is still a long, long ways away.

    Enjoy the beer and guitar.

  2. PP, About 20 years ago the snowbird life started looking good. I enjoyed!

  3. The best part of retirement is getting to play the guitar and drink beer at odd hours.

    The beer doesn't help my playing, however.

  4. Dream a little while longer; everyday reality will soon enough make you stop and knuckle down.

    When winter’s here you can let the firelight illuminate new dreams. Guitars and beer are allowed then too.

  5. At least put things off until Labor Day!

  6. There does seem to be something in the air already, doesn't there? Even in Mpls, there's a sense of impending changes...

    The march continues.


  7. PB, Do they have performance enhancing drugs for musicians or just things that make you THINK you play better?

    Friko, good advice. Thanks!

    Donna, more good advice. Thank you, too!

    Pearl, I was hoping global warming would bring an improvement up here. Unfortunately, it's disastrous for the rest of the planet.

  8. Enjoy the beer and guitar. Organize shmorganize.

  9. The crisp feel is here. A warning to get to all of those delayed chores. I know, because there are so many delayed here....and no progress being made here, either. Perhaps we should trade job lists. At least there's the lake to keep you company while you work there.
    Haven't really appreciated that it is summer yet, with it being so late. Certainly fall can't be this close yet!

  10. I can't believe August is almost done!

    Love those potted succulents.