Saturday, March 2, 2013

The end (of winter) is near

Somehow finishing with the depths of winter has been much busier than I remember. Maybe the mind whirls with the expectation of things to come. An eclectic mix of activities seems to occur. My Norwegian friends have gone back to Norway after a rousing time in the upper Midwest. They even did a blog entry about me. The blizzard when the pictures were taken was just shy of painful to be in, but the horses didn't seem to care much. See it here at  and read about their project, as well.

Then a friend  asked me to list some stuff on eBay for him, so I did. Some radiator valves and a couple of bronze Tibetan Buddhist Phurbas. I had to figure out exactly what they were in order to describe them. The things I have to learn on the way! Sheesh!

I buy, sell, and trade some photographic equipment in order to finance the stuff I really hope to get. Sometimes I get to "meet" some interesting folks from all over the world like Malaysia, India, and that exotic paradise to the north, Canada. I have been really lucky with my dealings as I find that most people are very honorable and decent. Then I wonder why there is still war, hunger, and curable disease all over the planet. Maybe all of our "leaders" are not very impressive at all. Who knows? 

Got out on the horses a bit. Its like riding a merry-go-round in deep snow as the horse steps high in knee deep snow. Here is Stitch on my horse, Draugen. She and the Cooker will be taking Draugen and Mirage to the Minnesota Horse Expo at the end of next month.

I stopped by one of our local trout streams on the way home from work the other day. The ice barely got a hold of the big lake this winter, but the streams are pretty well locked up. I missed the shards of ice blowing up to the shore, but the next day there was still some interesting, slippery piles to look at.

Sunrise can be a nice time of day on the farm. Especially the quiet and colorful time a few minutes before the sun peeks through the trees. It looks a lot like this right out the front door.

This morning looked a lot like that and it is still a little crisp outside with a morning temperature of 0F. Better days are coming!


  1. Wow! Amazing to see it so snowy there still. Spring is truly in the air here.

  2. The horses are beautiful in their winter coat.

  3. It is so nice that the sun has become so much stronger. It didn't quite reach freezing today, but with the sun, we were able to get out and enjoy the day, even feeling too warm in our jackets. The lake ice is so spectacular on the rocks, I can see why you would miss that.

  4. Visited your friend's blog. Didn't realize you have been going through the cancer thing Jon. Hope all is well and you will soon be back on Draugen.

  5. It's a lot easier to love pictures of cold and snowy weather than the actual cold and snow!

    Hope you have completely recovered from cancer and can ride your horse again!

  6. I thought Phurbas had a three bladed point? I like the one in your picture. Glad to hear you beat that cancer. Can you ride again? Those are pretty horses. Likely too small for me and it has been too many years.
    Your sunrise is so lovely. Spring, the end of winter, is the best time of year.

  7. IRBII, it'll be a few more weeks for us.
    Mr.C, they are shedding buckets of fur right now.
    Carol, the sun actually FEELS warm at last!
    Mr.C, it is beaten for now and I have been back on my faithful steed.
    PP, I miss the colors of the warm season in my photos. Soon, though.
    BF, This one does have three Ganesh heads, the other has three Mahalaka Buddha heads, but only one blade.

  8. You make it all look so beautiful. :-)

    Minneapolis needs more horses,


  9. Radiator valves and Tibetan Buddhist Phurbas. Never thought I would see those two things in the same sentence.

  10. Nice photos. I especially love that last one with the sunrise. It's been 60 degrees here the past few days but were back in the cold/sleet today. We need the moisture so I'm not complaining, but I'm ready for green grass, humming bees, spring flowers, and sunshine.