Monday, January 21, 2013

Everybody's talkin'

About the weather, but nobody is doing anything about it. At least it's a holiday (Martin Luther King Jr.) and not everyone has to go anywhere. Even here at work the outside temperature is -17F (-27C) . Up at the airport its -24 with a 21mph wind giving a windchill of -47. Damned chilly, if you ask me. It has been considerably colder in the past, but climate change has lulled us into complacency over the last couple of decades. These cold snaps used to last a couple of weeks, now only a few days. It is a dubious benefit of global warming for some of us, but not so good when looking at the big picture.

Today we are inaugurating President Obama for a second term. Officially it was yesterday, but, whatever. The president's hair is graying like many of his predecessors, his daughters are growing up, and Michelle is still classy and hot. I really think the whole country should be taking today off. At least the Cooker and Stitch get to stay home and take care of the horses and clean the barn. Maybe they can have some down time, too.

In four or five months I will be able to take a short walk at lunch and see this again.   

Of course I have to walk past the forklift to get there.
This is the curse of the working class. I ask myself, "why wasn't I born wealthy instead of smart and good-looking?" I may never have the answer. Maybe I'm not so smart after all.

The good thing about "working" on a day like this is that I can write this instead of actually working. It will be a slow day during the slow season and I will actually do a fair amount of useful work-related stuff, but taking a little break to have a little life is an advantage that I can appreciate. Tomorrow I may stay home to take care of the farm as I have to be here on Saturday this week. This is what winter is like in my world. I hope your winter is gentle.

I better get back to work.


  1. Don't scare me with those kind of numbers...I'm going to Buffalo the end of this month (that's where Floridians go on vacation in the deep of winter).

    I used to live in Buffalo. They only have two seasons there: winter and road construction.

  2. Hello there, fellow Minnesotan. Can I offer you a bowl of soup? Leg warmers? Ooooh: an alpaca cap. :-)

    And you're right: the cold snaps are more infrequent than they used to be and of shorter duration. It ain't right.


  3. I heard you Minnesotans were getting frozen out! Wisconsin is sounding nippy too. We're having a cold snap, but not quite as bad as yours. I think the worst of it will be tomorrow when it's supposed to be a high of -21C and a low of-28C.

    I have to say, though, there's something I like about this cold snap (except that I worry about all the animals that are out there suffering through it.) I think it makes me feel more Canadian! :)

  4. I agree with you and Pearl about the cold weather. I'm from the Snow Belt of Ohio, and I remember months, YEARS, of nasty, frozen, -16-degree weather. My kids are on their third day of two-hour delays for this little bit of silliness.

  5. You may not be rich or smart, but at least you're good looking!

  6. A friend who used to live here in Colorado Springs moved to Minnesota a couple years ago. The only thing he really misses about the Springs are the relatively mild winters. Good luck to you and stay warm!

  7. My winter has been much to gentle. +80f in January just ain't right.