Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blah, blah, blah

I am watching and listening to the first presidential debate. If my horses could produce so much manure in such a short time I would be a rich man. I will do my part when the time comes, but enough is enough.

I have been traveling weekly to Duluth, about a 5 to 6 hour drive round trip. The cooker went to get new glasses a while back, but the eye doc said it wouldn't help. Cataract surgery was the only way to get an improvement. It has turned into a relatively simple and quick procedure thanks to modern research and medical practice. Hopefully next week's trip will be the last for a short time to finally get her glasses. The nice thing is that we are getting pretty good at driving along the coastal waters of Lake Superior and learning to enjoy the time. Last week was the second eye and it went very well. The surgery center was next to a good Italian restaurant (lunchtime!) and that was next to the Rose Garden at Leif Erikson Park. I am embarrassed to say I had never been there before. The good news is that I had my camera and a new (used) macro lens to play with. It was a beautiful sunny day and the colors were vibrant.
It was nice to take the time to stop and smell the roses. They have over 3000 rosebushes there!
The Scenic Railway goes right by the park as does the Lakewalk.
Even the working class (Ann Romney's "Those people") can enjoy their lunch breaks.
Even the gulls have a nice view of the lake.
Did you spot the bird?

It's easy to find this place as it is along U.S. 61 made famous by many things, but this man in particular who has this stretch as his namesake.
You may need to click on this picture to see what I am talking about.

Yet again we bid farewell to the air conditioned city with a look back toward the Lift Bridge, entry to the harbor, and say, "We'll be back next week."


  1. In all my visits to Duluth, I have never been to that park, either. We usually just stop for a rest in Duluth on our way further up to your part of the coast. Great pictures. Cataract surgery was one of the best/scariest/easiest procedures I ever had. All of the color of the world came back.

  2. I like it when it works out so that a trip you have to make can be combined with some fun stuff, such as a visit to a park or trying out a new lens.

    Hope all goes well with the surgery.

    Great pictures!

  3. Exquisite photos, especially the first one.

  4. Sometimes it is nice to have a forced change in the daily routine...enjoy!

    I have just finished watching the tv series 'Newsroom' and they had a nice take on how these debates should be run. I give politics only a fleeting glance these days as it is all so matter what country!

  5. I have to admit...I had no clue Dylan had his own "stretch of road"!!! ;-) Little secrets tucked in so many American towns!

  6. Is that the macro lens you were after on eBay? Love th epics!

    And when I saw the title of the post, I knew exactly what it was referring to. :)

  7. Aren't macro lenses great? It's like a whole new world.
    PS: It's so nice when "Those People" get a lunch break. ;)

  8. Thanks for introducing me to lovely Duluth through your new (used) lens.