Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

What a bizarre week.

You have your "legitimate rapist" telling everyone about secret secretions that prevent pregnancy when your rapist is "legitimate" as opposed to "illegitimate". It would seem that politicians now think they are qualified gynecologists. You can tell by the smarmy arrogant smile they wear when they think they have said something brilliant. The good news is that there are a bunch of them meeting in a place this week that is in line with the edge of a hurricane. Maybe some of them will be washed out to sea. The bad news is that they won't be eaten by sharks. It is because they either taste like the shit that comes out of their mouths or just a professional courtesy.

Then there is Anders Breivik, the mass murdering right wing batshit crazy whacko, killer of children, and savior of the white master race was finally convicted of something and sent to prison. Maybe he will become a victim of his own twisted thoughts and just stop breathing. Maybe karma will be a great equalizer.

Neil Armstrong died yesterday. I think his accomplishments as an astronaut will be an example of what humans can achieve if they take a moment to stop the killing and the general neglect of their fellow humans. Of course there will always be those who don't believe the moon landing ever happened. "the dream never dies, just the dreamer."

The Cooker and I had to go to Duluth for a medical appointment on Thursday, the first of many for the next couple of months. On the way back I got to see a very rare sight which I was not able to capture on my camera because I didn't have it along. It was the end of the rainbow! It was right by the Cascade River about 50 yards off shore. The colors were moving around on the shimmering water in a most amazing display. Yes, I was tempted to jump in the frigid water and dive to see what was below the surface. It would have cost me my life, but maybe I would finally know what lay at the end. I decided not to risk it for now as I am still needed at home and at work. Just for a moment, though, I seriously wondered while continuing on down the road. Besides I really need to see England , Norway, and Iceland and all my relatives in those wonderful places. I miss them all.

 But then, when you least expect it, you open the garage door to find Norma Jean standing on the roof of the car.

Or you get lucky while garage saling on a Saturday morning and find a treasure chest full of new old toys to play with. Even this picture was taken with a vintage lens from the treasure chest.
Then you go for a walk in the woods and find something that may be the result of the Icelandic "Hidden People" who have followed you across the sea. They reminded me that there are things I will never really know about.
As you go back to the house you go by the apple tree and see that they are just about ready.
When you get to the back yard you feel safe and secure because Bella has got your back.

My own little world is a haven from the rest of wondrous, but whacky world we all have to share. Most days I'm glad to be here.


  1. For a while I was sitting here, going back and forth whether I should wish for the hurricane to hit or not to hit. Since Pat Robertson prayed for rain to disrupt the democratic convention four years ago (this would be a sign from God to show his displeasure with the democrats), I figured a hurricane would be a really strong sign.

    Then I came to my senses, realizing that this would probably mean power outages and no AC.

    What a lucky find, the apples and mushrooms and the camera stuff! Marilyn Monroe...? I'd want George Clooney to stand on the top of my car.

  2. Camera gear shot with the 28mm?

    What are you going to do with those bodies? I've got a couple more, in even worse shape- maybe we could use them as clay pigeons and do some skeet shooting...

  3. I think that to a point, ignoring world news is a good thing - it's all doom and gloom but actually very little of it actually effects your own life and haven.

  4. PP, I am careful not to wish bad things on people (or whatever they are called on their planet) because those things have a way of returning. Good things are a different matter. I wish you a joyful George Clooney!

    Batty, Yes I shot it with that as well as the apple and mushroom shots. I try and bundle the bodies with an acceptable lens and sell them on ebay to help finance my own habit. Once in a while you run across a keeper, though.

    idrather, fortunately most of it doesn't effect us in the short run. If each person does one nice thing for someone else each day there would eventually be a lot less bad news.

  5. It's amazing how the world continues on its way whether we know of all of the craziness or not. Just returned from a vacation in the internet or cell service for ten days. Bliss! And somehow the world is still turning and as stupid/crazy/wonderful as ever. Your corner of the world is a calming place. Appreciate it as much as possible!

  6. chlost
    is right, your corner of the world seems calming ( even with Norma Jean)
    thank you for following my blog btw!!!

  7. Just think, had you dived in YOU just might have been what was at the end of the rainbow!

  8. I agree ....the best thing about "our world" is that we are able to ESCAPE it every now and then..... I am sure you are having all kinds of fun with your box of cameras!

  9. I certainly wouldn't mess with Bella!

  10. It's crazy out there! I'm glad you have your cat to protect you!!