Sunday, May 27, 2012

Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last entry and I didn't mean to go that long, it sort of just happened. Sometimes it is just from procrastination (is there such a thing as anti-procrastination?) or just being tired from the long days. We have had some rainy days and so now I have come indoors. I found my desk just like I left it only with a little additional clutter added regularly until it looks like this.
I was playing with my new used remote from ebay and the camera went off in my lap. Thank goodness it wasn't an explosive device! The leather lens bags on the right are a score from a local garage sale, the bag in front has a USB connector, the Walgreen's capped drug bottle has about 10 Susan B. Anthony dollars, a gift card from Cabela's, Norwegian and Icelandic banners, a lens hiding behind a mouse, and the end of this keyboard. That is just in that small space. The rest looks just as bad. The rainy day is a good excuse to clean up the piles, but writing this is another exercise in procrastination. It's good to be good at something!

Back to the weather. Usually talking about the weather is considered small talk, but not in Northern Minnesota! It is why we get up, or not, in the morning. We had about 3 inches of rain the other day and got some good runoff from it. This is what fills up Lake Superior. It's like a bathtub filling up so slowly that you fall asleep waiting and then it overflows, but that is another story. This is what that looks like after it stops and the sun starts to come out making a weird pink color in the sky.

But then the clouds dissipate at the horizon just before sunset and light up the trees for a few minutes before the sun slowly sinks in the west.
 We did have one nice day in the sun between the rainy days and I got to enjoy it a bit. I live for the moments I get to go out and play.
  Hopefully it won't be so long until the next time.


  1. I've been a bad blogger, too -- if that's any comfort. Life just gets too lifelike these days.

    Your photos are, as always, lovely!!! Hope you and the Cooker have a great holiday weekend.

  2. I believe that blogging should be a guilt free experience. :)

  3. You Minnesotans really ARE Canadians in disguise! We talk about the weather incessantly too! :)

    I'm with Donna. No guilt in blog land!!

  4. It's hard to keep blogging consistently sometimes.People don't seem to mind though.

  5. Secretly, I hate blogging, its just one more thing to worry about.
    Your pictures were nice and we get that weird pink sky here too after it rains and the sun comes up, or is going down.

  6. Your place is beautiful. We have had nearly 8 in of rain here in the past five days or so. I hope we will have a chance to dry out a bit. I hope that we don't get to see what that "bathtub" is like if it overflows!

  7. All it takes is a few busy days, and it's so easy to fall behind with that blogging thing. We'll forgive you.

    Love those trees lit up by the evening light!

  8. Kay, life just gets these bursts of too busy.
    DB,Knatolee,IrbiI,Maggie, thanks for the kind words.
    Carol, it still sounds like I'm walking on a sponge.
    PP, I'm just beginning to appreciate the photo ops around the farm.

  9. You are forgiven, my child. :-)

    Especially for that photo with the pink/purple cotton candy sky!!!!!!!!