Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lovely evening

With the early absence of snow this year, an evening walk is possible without wearing rubber boots. Mijo, our long-haired, giant (12 pounds) chihuahua (born in Arizona, moved to Minnesota) and I took a quick stroll to our "middle" pasture. It is small, but a nice place for a little solitude. The moon had risen, but the sun was on its way down.
  Sometimes we see deer, but none this evening and all we could hear were our footsteps through the remains of last year's grass. Things are starting to green up a bit, but it isn't peeking up above the old stuff yet. While we are in a drought, the creeks are still flowing toward Lake Superior as they have done for thousands of years.
 I thought about heading over to the next pasture, but the way is still a bit muddy and wet with a little flowage going on. I'll give it a few more days and maybe do a little channeling (no, not like Shirley Mclain) to get the water to be a little more organized.
As the sun slowly settled below the Western horizon, we wandered by the old chicken coop from another era. I have no idea how old it is, but probably from about the WW2 time period or earlier (note the hewn log construction in the corner). I've been meaning to burn it down when there is snow on the ground, but I just haven't gotten around to it. For now it'll have to be "farm art" until it falls over. It is empty, but could serve as an emergency shelter for wayward rodents. There are a few other relics around the farm I will have to show you in the future.
Back when I was a Lutheran, many moons ago, today was Maundy Thursday*, as opposed to Tuesday Wednesday or Friday Saturday. I probably knew why at one point, but try not to confuse myself with this manipulation of the calendar since I barely know what day it is anyway. I would care more if it meant getting a paid day off from this working class lifestyle, such as it is. Even unpaid days off are good, as time has become a more precious commodity than when I was young. My Norwegian friends and relatives usually get a week off at this time of year at which time they stay home or travel to exotic lands such as Sweden. I believe that they have less violence (going postal) in the work place because they get so much time for themselves and their families. At least that is one of my many theories about how things oughta be. So, Happy Thursday to everyone wherever and whatever you are doing, or not.

* Thor's Day in old Norse. Just another god in the sky.


  1. Mijo seems to have adapted well to his northern environment. Lovely pictures.

  2. Thanks for taking me on a lovely walk!!! It reminds me of the walks we took with my Uncle Carl on my grandparent's farm in Wisconsin.

    (LOL I have escaped Ohio now and again.)

  3. Thor's day is still maundy Thursday in the UK, the queen goes round pretending to give people alms and in Rome the Pope pretends to wash the feet of 12 priests.

    In Germany today is Gruendonnerstag; note the Donner, it's that old rascal Thor again.

  4. Your dog is SO cute!! Love the photos, especially the moon in the sky.

    I just read some Happiness Report that says Canada is the 5th happiest place in the world (the US is 11th.) Hmm, I know Canadians take more vacation and holiday time than Americans, so maybe that has something to do with it!

  5. Yes, and so many of the current crop of politicians believe that we should not be more like places in Scandinavia. I am surprised by the previous comment that the US is 11th in happiness. I would have guessed it to be much lower. No one I know seems too happy lately.

  6. The Europeans are much better at putting work in it's proper place. While Gr√ľndonnerstag (Thursday) is just a regular work day, Good Friday and Easter Monday are legal holidays. Where did we go wrong?

    Thanks for the nice walk around your farm.

  7. I love that your "little" companion goes on these walks!!! Albert loves being out in the nature ALMOST as much as he loves being on my lap on the sofa!

  8. Totally agree about your reduced work schedule theory! Several countries have such a schedule. Americans work too much. A four-day work week is plenty, thank you very much.

  9. Donna, Mijo came from a "broken home" about 10 years ago.

    Kay, I have craved country living since I was a 10 year old city slicker.

    Friko, always a lot of pretending during holidays.

    Knat, every time I cross the border I feel a little happier in spirit.

    Always, we wouldn't want to be like those barbaric Europeans!

    PP,our priorities are a bit screwed up. BTW, getting a longer lens to sneak up on the wildlife.

    Kelli, sometimes I think critters are a lot more adaptable than humans.

    Dawn, when I worked a 4 day 40 hour week I went in for 8 more hours on the 5th day. You all understand the curse of being born smart and good-looking instead of rich.

  10. Hey! We don't have our priorities screwed up. Here in God's Country (aka America), the $$ reigns supreme. Roughly 99% of us work our entire lives to make life easier and better for the 1%. If we're lucky, we eke out our own livings from the crumbs that trickle down from the tables of the uber wealthy.

    That's right. We're "exceptional." And we never apologize, even when we really should.

    (How difficult is it to become a citizen of Canada? Sweden? ...)