Saturday, November 24, 2012

Late in November...

We have gone from autumn to winter this week. Back on the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald we had a bit of wind and dampness. The big lake was showing a bit of its dark side.
While looking for more dramatic pictures that I was never very happy with, I came across some young Canadian surfers trying to catch a wave in the not very well formed surf. I told them that I had done a bit of surfing forty-some years earlier on the U.S. east coast. They said that they thought salt water stung their eyes too much and I said there weren't any sharks in this lake either. Of course, I only had to wear a bathing suit or shorts instead of a wet suit with long underwear beneath it.
The freighters are coming in closer in order to avoid the wind and waves of the winter season. The shipping season ends around the middle of January when the Soo Locks (Sault Ste. Marie) freeze up. The Icebreakers come in mid-March to try and open the shipping lanes, harbors, and locks to get the season underway again. Here was one headed to Duluth last week. At night they look like floating casinos.
Distances are hard to judge, but this one is a couple of miles out. They look like ghost ships in January with the steam rising from the lake partially obscuring their form. I'll try to remember to post that effect when the time comes. Since it is dumb luck when I can remember my name, please don't hold your breath in anticipation of that event.

I need to show you what the critter cam looks like. In this picture it is mounted on a yellow birch tree. Fortunately I moved it because the beaver(s) took down the two closest trunks and the third is only a few bites from falling.
Even though we had a few inches of snow the other day there are very few tracks around the ponds other than deer, snowshoe hare, and pine marten (sable). No further beaver activity was noticed. I wonder where the soggy little bastard went?

Just before the snow, as the clouds were rolling in, the moon had risen in the east ( as it often does!). I was sitting in front of the barn and took its portrait. A "moon shot", or "shooting the moon", or maybe I was just being mooned by a heavenly body (in my dreams) is how I refer to it, but nevertheless here is what it looked like. Fullness comes in a few days.
So, as the shortening, cold, and gloomy days of early winter start to put me into a coma, I take solace in the fact that in four short weeks the days will start to get longer. The cats will start to shed in earnest as will the horses and I will be covered in discarded fur and hair (mine was discarded decades ago). Sneezing and spitting as the hairy byproducts try to invade my inner person is a sure sign of spring along with the natural harbingers that surround this rural area. But I'm getting ahead of myself as we only just passed the Thanksgiving holiday. Thank goodness my mind has the ability to time travel, although I shouldn't let it wander far as it is too small to be out by itself.


Donna Banta said...


Pixel Peeper said...

Love the moon picture! I always try to get a shot of the full moon, though I'm not really sure why (they all look the same).

A few inches of snow? I suppose you don't want to hear that we have the windows wide open now. Might have to turn the AC back on next week.

idratherbeiniceland said...

Lovely photos! I also get a bit of a cat allergy this time of year. This is my least favourite time of year, but once we get past Christmas I find Jan/Feb go by quickly. Of course we have a much milder winter than you so for me it is the dark that is the annoyance.

The Blog Fodder said...

Beautiful country. I take it the storm that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald was almost a one-off for severity?

Jono said...

Donna, Thanks!

PP, I wondered about moon shots, as well. I still want to get a really "great" shot someday.

IRBI, Thanks! Once we get past the holidays things take a turn upward. After the coldest part of winter, mid to late January, I get noticeably happier.

TBF, We usually get one of those every couple of years, but sinking a "modern" vessel of 729 feet is more unusual. Two witnessed rogue waves were thought to be responsible.

chlost said...

The lake looks wild. I can't imagine surfing in that icy water. Your moon shot is great.

Vicki said...

I actually revel in the changing seasons, maybe because in Australia it is hardly noticeable other than the drop in temperature. I am probably more an indoorsy type and seem to adjust quite easy to the winter hibernation here.

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

"No further beaver activity was noticed."
Sorry, Jono. Sometimes I'm eight.
Love the moon shot- they're very difficult to successfully pull off, and you sure did it!

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

"No further beaver activity was noticed."
Sorry, Jono. Sometimes I'm eight.
Love the moon shot- they're very difficult to successfully pull off, and you sure did it!

Mr. Charleston said...

Might have been fun to leave the camera on the tree and film a real time beaver tree felling event. No doubt at some point the beaver would sniff it up close and personal. Looks cold as hell up there to me. This is the time of year I'm glad I live in Florida.

Knatolee said...

THose crazy Canadians! ;) I remember watching them surf in the Atlantic in winter in Nova Scotia, and thought they were nuts!

Winter's coming! Going down to -15C here tonight.

Friko said...

Jono, you are a treasure worth your weight in gold!

In four short weeks . . . . . .

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, you show me a flicker of daylight. I am going to join you on that time travel.

Missed Periods said...

Oh man! That surf must have been freezing!

Jono said...

chlost, the lake was warmer than the air.
Vicki, I like seasonal changes, too, but would like to spend a year on a tropical island just to see if I like it.
Dawn, I like the way your mind works!
Mr.C, a time lapse would be a fun project and it gets a little colder every day.
Knatolee, this close to the border has made it easy to learn to speak Canadian. I even know a few "Newfy" jokes.
Friko, I get SAD and need to stay positive or I go down fast.
MP, the water was in the forties and the air in the thirties and it was windy.