Saturday, June 23, 2012


If the rain comes 
they run and hide their heads 
They might as well be dead 
If the rain comes 
If the rain comes 

When the sun shines 
they slip into the shade 
and sip their lemonade 
When the sun shines 
When the sun shines 

Rain, I don't mind 
Shine, the weather's fine 
The Beatles. 

Some of you may have heard we got some rain up this way. The worst was about 120 miles Southwest of here by Duluth with nearly 10 inches (25cm). We only got  about 4 inches (10cm) all within a 24 hour period. For about 12 hours our communications in the Northeast corner of the state were cut off from the rest of the world because the washouts broke the cables and fiber optic lines. No 911, no phone outside the local exchange, no internet (except satellite), and no cable anything. It made for a quiet morning at work so I cleaned my office which doesn't usually happen in the summer. We have a new waterfall on the way to town that only flows when we get heavy rain. I took this on the way to work.
But by the next day as they were assessing damage down Duluth way, things had pretty well settled back to normal-ish around here. The creeks had subsided to a nice flow.
Soon after there was the usual morning commute to town and the 5 or 10 vehicles that constitutes our "rush hour" along with the occasional bald eagle was back to normal. this is what my morning commute looks like on a normal day.
If you click on the pic you can see "the little town that time forgot and the ages cannot improve" toward the left in the distance about 6 miles (10k) in the distance. The light was nice so I pulled over and shot it before getting back into the car and heading to work. It is probably one of the prettiest commutes in Minnesota heading toward town with the Sawtooth Mountains in the distance. They were allegedly 10,000 feet tall before the last ice age. When time travel becomes affordable I'll check that out.


Mr. Charleston said...

Looks like we're getting our rain this weekend down here. Could be a tropical storm in the Gulf that will keep sunny Florida blanketed.

Pixel Peeper said...

Being a farmer's daughter, I like rain. Makes things grow. Not so fond of flooding, though.

I really like your panoramic picture of your commute. Did you crop a wide-angle photo, or did you stitch several pictures together?

Photo stitching is on my list of things to learn. I'm an ignorant person when it comes to Photoshop, though.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I used to love rain....

and then I moved to Denmark. :-(

Jono said...

Mr.C, It's a good thing Florida is mostly sand!

PP, it is just the kit lens (18-55) at 55 and cropped off the top and bottom. I am clueless on stitching, as well. The free software FastStone is all I use.

Kelli, I noticed how lush Denmark was in mid June. There's a reason for that. It ain't Texas.

Donna Banta said...

I miss those big loud storms we used to get in TX.

Knatolee said...

SOggy soggy soggy! BUt I love that last photo. What a gorgeous spot! said...

Sounds like a Norwegian summer... The pictures are beautiful!

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Apparently, you are getting all the rain that we're not! The grass has been dead for weeks around here, and for Ohio in the spring, that is very, very odd.
Love the waterfall. That is one good thing about tons of rainfall.

Jono said...

Donna, what scares me is when I sleep through them.

Knatolee, the wet is what makes it so green.

Maggie, they call this area "The Scandinavian Riviera". There are people here named Seglem and Skadberg from your part of Norway.

Dawn, everything is getting a little "different" every year.

Vicki said...

Gone are the days when we were not contactable 24/7, so relish the occasional enforced incommunicado.

It never really rains in Iceland, you just get a misty dampness...when it is so called raining here I can go for a walk and not get wet.

Jon, you also live in a beautiful part of the world!

barbfroman said...

Isn't the wearing down of mountains the most amazing thing? Of course, if your boss reads your blog he/she now knows why you wander in a bit late on some've got that camera going. I'm suggesting you stop telling folks about your wonderful spot of paradise or it'll be full of Texans and Californians. As for Oregon, we simply tell people..."It's still raining." It's our defense against people moving here. Thanks for the photos of tranquility.

Robert the Skeptic said...

It rains so much in the Pacific Northwest that when the sun comes out, people run around in fear and panic begging FEMA to put out the horrible fire-ball in the sky!

Missed Periods said...

I was thinking, "How terrifying! No communication, no 911" and you're like "I cleaned my office." I am such a wimp.

Murr Brewster said...

I am a big fan of major weather events and geological disruptions. That is because I've never been personally threatened by one. I suspect I'll change my tune in a hurry in a good tornado. We're having a nice rain with a sense of deliberation right now. Nothing too strenuous.

Friko said...

Some people have it soooo hard. So sorry about the rush hour you have to put up with.

Weather has been a bit bad everywhere; there's too much of it sometimes. Hope all is well again and you're back at the grindstone.